Freelance Email Marketing Specialist at Fertility Bridge


Join Our Team: Email Marketing Specialist

Position Type: Independent contractor

Location: Remote

Rate: $25-35/hour

Estimated weekly hours: 5-10

“Ever since [Your name goes here] started at Fertility Bridge, I can’t stop checking my phone for new emails from Inside Reproductive Health.”

As the Email Marketing Specialist working with Fertility Bridge, you will develop an email campaign that delivers valuable information to subscribers through emails they want to read. The campaign you develop will increase The Inside Reproductive Health email open rate and click through rate.

But how do you know if this is your dream work and if Fertility Bridge is your dream client?

If you answer yes to these three questions:

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of email marketing and best practices?

Do you enjoy data analytics pertaining to email marketing ?

Are you excited about the opportunity to contribute to Fertility Bridge?


Average Inside Reproductive Health email open rate increased by at least 10%

Average Inside Reproductive Health email click through rate increased by at least 5%

Email list segmented according to audience segments

New subscribers assessed and properly mappped according to audience segments

Emails sent using segments and audience interests

Options developed to subscribe or sub-subscribe

Newsletter scheduled for optimal delivery times every week

Podcast is released on Tuesdays

Digest is released on Thursday mornings

Any breaking news is released at time of breaking


An active list of 1,500 subscribers in Mailchimp

Formsite form

Access to our website via Squarespace

A spreadsheet exported with subscriber information

Some guidelines for classifying subscribers by their many fields


Mailing list is not segmented by digest, podcast or topic

No Hubspot experience beyond a free level account

No Zapier

No Hubspot Administrator

No Developer or Developer experience

No Digital Strategist

No current data input for different list segmentation

We use Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Formsite. The fields for data templates vary between platforms.

Hubspot does not push to Mailchimp

So there you have it, everything you need to know to decide your fate! If you are interested in this role and believe you have what it takes to achieve the required outcomes using the provided tools then we encourage you to apply.

What Comes Next

Our Hiring Process

You’re going to have a lot of autonomy and decision-making authority at Fertility Bridge. You are the queen or king of your seat and we follow your lead in your space. Because you have so much control, we really want to get to know you and we really want you to get to know us.

All interviews take place over Zoom, except the first, which is sometimes done over the phone. At the end of each interview, we give you the opportunity to ask us any questions. If we think we are going to offer you the position, we will ask you to make the introductions for certain references.

Most positions involve a paid assignment so that we both get the opportunity to see what it is like to work together.

How to Apply

If you feel you can contribute to a dynamic, growing company, please begin your application process by applying through Hireology. After you submit your cover letter, resume, and application on Hireology, you will receive acknowledgement via email. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder – sometimes Hireology emails end up there.

You will receive instructions on the next steps after your application materials have been reviewed. As a remote company, we rely on remote working technologies to serve our clients. In evaluating new employees, we put a premium on a candidate’s ability to shine through these same technologies: video, email correspondence, and web-based conferencing.

Contracting Process

Hireology application is submitted

Screening Call: 20-30 minutes

Fit Interview: 60-90 minutes

Paid Assignment

Continued work based on your terms