Au Pair Job – Family with 2 girls – New Jersey USA


Adorable Family with 2 girls is in need of an Au Pair in New Jersey

New Jersey, USA
Posted 3 months ago

A happy family of four, (Mom) Sophia, the lucky mother of two lovely little girls, Grace, 4, & Emma, 2, and (Father) Michael. They live in a lovely house in the small city of Morristown in New Jersey, which is only an hour away from NYC.

Morristown is a relatively small town with a nice family atmosphere. Overall, it will provide you with all you need: lovely restaurants and cafés, a cinema, a gym, nice places to go shopping including the great Walmart and Century 21. The great plus of this city is that it is extremely well connected. Thanks to the NJ Transit’s, New York is only an hour away, and we are also close to Newark Airport (30 minutes’ drive) which is an amazing opportunity for you to travel across the US. I would say that this is a nice compromise between the countryside and the city as Morristown is also surrounded by lovely parks.

Last year has been pretty hectic for Michael and Sophia, juggling between work, the kids and the house. And therefore came to the conclusion that they needed an extra pair of hands and are now so excited to look for their first Au Pair to join their family!



Sophia – a teacher in a school which is only a 10 minutes’ drive away from their house and only works Monday to Thursday.

Michael – works as a stockbroker in NYC and is away most of the time during the week. As he starts working at 7AM and never finishes before 6:30PM, he often stays in the city for the night. When he comes back home, he’s never here before 8PM and has to leave the house at 5AM. As this is a very exhausting commute, he obviously can’t come back home every day so often, Sophia is alone with the girls from Monday to Friday.

Grace has just turned 4 and is going to pre-school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is a very sparky and mature little girl with a big personality.

Emma is about to turn 2 and is going to start pre-school two days a week. Emma is a really sweet, quiet and cuddly little girl, a very easy-going little one!




5:00 AM – Micheal leaves and Sophia usually wakes up at the same time
7:30 AM – wake up the girls and get them dressed with Sophia’s help
7:45 AM – head downstairs to take breakfast with the kids, afterwards help them brush their teeth and do their hair
8:00 AM – in good days, Sophia will leave for work by this time
8:15 AM – you and the kids will leave and drive Grace to pre school. After that, you will have a free time with Emma until she gets to her Music class. You would then have lunch together, put her in bed for an hour nap and have some time to play together before picking up Grace in the afternoon.

5:00 PM – dinner time for the kids

6:00 Pm – bath time of kids
6:30 OM – usually, Sophia will be home by this time, and you’d be free to do what you want. You can wait for Sophia to come back if you haven’t had dinner — she loves company.

Sophia might need to ask you for occasional babysitting in the evening but not more than twice a month.


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, both girls are going to pre-school, so Sophia would need you to do the pre and after school routines.



On Thursdays, you would have the full day with both girls, so this would be a great day for you to plan exciting activities.



Sophia is off on Fridays, so this would be a flexible day. Sophia will be very happy for you to have it off some weeks, but there would also be weeks where she would need you to help me with the kids if she needs to do some work, leave the house for a few hours, or simply take Grace to her music class. It might only be for a few hours, but it’s important for you to know that she would sometimes need you to be around and help.



Weekends would be yours, they might occasionally ask for you to look after the girls for a couple of hours during the day or in the evening, but they would always make sure that they will let you know in advance and that you have at least a day and a half. They might also ask you some general help with the house such as helping with the kids’ laundry, emptying the dishwasher, some occasional food shopping and, of course, cooking for the girls’ meals!

They are more than happy for you to stay home and do things with them during the weekends, you will be a family! As Michael works really hard during the week, they tend to have quiet family weekends, making the most of the garden and Morristown. Sophia is pretty involved in Morristown and volunteer at the church where they go at least one Sunday a month. Again, you are very welcome to join them, but absolutely don’t have to. They also have friends or family staying with them for the weekends sometimes. They are also away to visit them occasionally, you can join them or make the most of a quiet weekend at the house while we are away, up to you!



You would have your own car and own bedroom and would share the bathroom with Grace & Emma. The bedroom has all you need, including a TV, and is on the second floor, a floor that would basically be yours (except when they have friends or family visiting as they have a guest room on the same floor)!



The family is looking for someone fun (I promise you that living with Michael requires a high sense of humour!) and reliable who’d love to be part of the family. The cherry on the cake would be for you and Sophia to just ‘click’ as you would get to spend lots of time together. If you think it sounds like you, it would be a real pleasure to speak to you!