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Au Pair Needed for Friendly Family of 2 Boys in Washington

Full time
Washington DC
Posted 3 months ago
This friendly and active family of 4, have had AuPairs before and are looking forward to welcoming their next AuPair to the family!
Mom (Nicole) is American (originally from Boston), and Dad (Nick) is British (originally from London). Nick works for a busy start-up business, and travels during the work week. Nicole owns a branding and communications agency. They are passionate about their work, but even more passionate about finding the right person to be part of their family.
The family has two fantastic sons; Sebastian is seven and Luca is six. Seb is a great athlete and a serious reader. He is independent, loves experiencing new things like; reading, maths, soccer, running, swimming, basketball, bicycling, his extended family, his friends, and his school. Luca is six and starting first grade in August. A not-so-little, little brother, Luca enjoys many of the same sports, but really loves exploring nature, engaging in creative projects, playing games with au pairs, building, and cooking!

The Neighbourhood & House
The home is located in Washington DC, with an array of outdoor spaces, thriving international culture, cafes, restaurants, riverside views, and sporty character. It’s hard not to love DC, and we’re sure you’ll love it here too! It’s a great city to be an Au Pair.

The family live in a beautiful neighbourhood called Wesley Heights. It is just a short distance from several other fun neighbourhoods: Georgetown, Glover Park, Friendship Heights, Tenleytown and Chevy Chase (all of which are home to many Au Pairs). They live in a lovely house. It has a private bedroom in the lower level, with a private bathroom, where past Au Pairs have happily lived. The bedroom is adjacent to a TV/family room. You are welcome to use the room in the evenings with any other Au Pair friends who may want to come over and watch TV or a movie after work. They are also walking distance to cafes, shopping, and public buses.

The Family
Nicole and Nick describe themselves as; friendly, fun and open, and most importantly, they adore Sebastian and Luca. They are looking for someone who can help them stay on top of all the household chores that comes with raising kids, but more importantly, they want an au pair who will be excited to spend their afternoons with two energetic, clever, lovable boys.

The boys are close in age and Seb in particular, has boundless energy. Like most brothers, they will drift into squabbling with each other if they are bored or don’t get enough exercise, but with an au pair who keeps them moving, acts and communicates with confidence, and offers real structure, engagement, and play – the boys are awesome! They are always up for sporty games or creative adventures and great company.

They can’t wait to learn more about you, your family and your hometown! And hopefully be part of making your year abroad unforgettable!

They are proud to be an international family and spent two years living in London (2011-2013). It helped Seb and Luca to understand their dual nationality. The family hope that by hosting an Au Pair, it will continue to provide our boys with a global perspective.

They have had amazing relationships with their au pairs over the past years (and their families!).

An Average Day with The Family
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:35 AM:
In the weekday mornings, we ask for your help in getting the kids ready and packed for school.

You are then free between 8:35 AM and 3:00 PM
(though we ask that you complete some light, kid-related house-chores each day, like laundry, and some au pairs choose to do the chores during the morning.)

Monday – Friday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM:
Each school day afternoon, we ask that you pick up the boys from school, and then help them move through playdates, homework, afternoon activities, and dinner.

o We welcome play dates with other kids and Au Pairs.

o We ask that you practice reading/homework with the kids each night.

o We ask that you make dinner for the kids each night.

o Nicole takes over watching the boys after dinner each night, and we then ask

that you complete a simple set of end-of-day chores (finishing laundry, tidying up

the kitchen, tidying up the boys play areas).

• Once a week, we like to have a “date night” (or sometimes a “date day” for a few hours

on the weekend).

• On one-off school closure or sick days, your schedule will be different, but we’ll always

communicate with you in advance.

Holidays & Travel
You will have many opportunities to travel during the year! Nick’s parents visit from England frequently, and when they are with the family, they will often offer you time off. Additionally, other Au Pairs in DC often plan fun, group weekend travel plans. Lastly, there have been some years when they have taken the Au Pair on holiday with them! But in most cases, when the family are away on holiday, you are welcome to take time off as well.

Daily Check List

Mondays – Fridays 8:00 AM – 8:35 AM

o Check weather and choose clothes

o Make boys’ beds, quick tidy of room

o Help boys clear breakfast plates

o Help boys brush teeth, change into school clothes

o Pack school bags, water bottles, snacks, lunch for Luca

o Wipe table, wipe counters, put away any breakfast remains

o Coats, shoes, backpacks on, and ready to leave at 8:35 AM


Mondays – Fridays [any time of day]

o Kid laundry:

o Put away any shoes, coats, hats in the mudroom

o Wash, fold, put away one load of laundry every other day

o Every other week, wash bed sheets

o All laundry completed by end of Friday

o Kid groceries:

o If running out, purchase any one-off essential lunch/breakfast kid food


Mondays – Fridays 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

o 3:15 PM school pick up

o Transportation to/from after school classes (and packing essential gear)

o Organizing of playdates (at playground/school)

o Reading/homework with boys (30 minutes)

o Making of dinner (one 25-minute TV program before or after dinner)

o Cleaning up of kitchen (clear dishes, wipe table, wipe counters, wash pots)

Job Features
Job Category Au Pair, Mothers Help, Nanny