Freelance Proofreader wanted at D Magazine

D Magazine logo


Are you a grammar fanatic, typo terminator, and AP Stylebook aficionado? Do you enjoy working across clients and industries? D Custom is looking for a new freelance proofreader!

This detail-oriented person is a wizard at catching the miniscule errors that no one else would catch. They attentively adhere to client style guides, AP style, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary to ensure that no letter, hyphen, or apostrophe is out of place.

Responsibilities include:

Proofreading print and digital content for a wide range of clients.
Working closely with the managing editor to turn edits around in a timely manner.
Up to 20 hours per week.
The ideal person should be:

Fluent in Microsoft Office applications, InCopy, InDesign, and Acrobat.
Well-versed in AP Stylebook and Merriam-Webster.
Able to learn, implement, and accommodate SEO best practices to proofing changes.
Comfortable producing clean, publication-ready digital and print content for major companies.
Able to juggle multiple projects at once.
Detailed and organized.
Prompt in communication.
Ideal candidates include those with part-time jobs or full-time freelancers who can work proofing projects into their weekly schedule. Please apply by emailing your resume, portfolio, and desired hourly rate to

Freelance writer wanted at Yellow Scene Magazine

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Freelance writer
In the world of “content writing” (which we have a particular disdain for, see:, there are still a few beacons of Print Media that are staying true to the mission.

Yellow Scene Magazine may not be a national publication, but we have been around 20 years as an Independent in Boulder County. We cover arts, entertainment, news, politics, social issues, education, healthcare, science, oil & gas, elections, food and drink, cannabis and whatever else we think is worthy to talk about.

We have won over 110 awards for Excellence in Journalism since inception in 2000 and have grown to the largest distributed publication in the region. Not bad for an Indie who has self-financed all the way, but it also means we are kind of demanding and generally broke. After all, we are staying true to what we do. You won’t find a single “Native Advertising” article in our pages—ever.

We encourage writers to find their Voice. Factually based of course, but you have a voice and you are here to communicate it. You are not afraid of research, (yep it comes with the territory), and not afraid of direction. We are cranky, we are getting old and we are picky.

If this sounds like the ideal writing gig, then we are looking for a few true journalists who are as passionate as we are.

If out of state, then please indicate how you go about researching your subjects to get that insiders view.

Learn more in our Media Kit. Reading our archives can be your first assignment.


Freelance Video Game News writer for TheNerdStash

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Full Job Description
We are looking for eager freelance Video Game News writers to cover news and features related to the Gaming Industry for Potential applicants will be responsible for keeping up with the current and breaking news in the video game industry and assisting with news coverage on our site.

The Nerd Stash is an established News/Media company that has been around for over six years, covering daily news in the areas of movies, TV, video games, technology, and comics. We encourage any interested candidate to visit to see if you think you are a good fit for our culture. Don’t have a lot of experience? We believe in taking chances on someone who has the mindset to jump in headfirst, so don’t let that sway you from applying to work with us. Our approach is to work closely with our staff, build excellent working relationships, and provide flexibility to make it a positive environment.

Why work for The Nerd Stash?

An opportunity to write for an established news/media site
Provides constructive feedback and works closely with other writers to collaborate and develop your skills
Potential to earn extra bonus money with special opportunities and assignments
Access to review codes for trending and upcoming releases
You are not just a number! We love to keep in communication with all our writers and support them however we can!

Write a minimum of 25 news articles per month, but you are able to write much more!
Be aware of upcoming and most anticipated game releases
Work under a strict deadline and submit content on time
Implement feedback provided by the editorial team
Keep an open line of communication with our editorial team
Learning and following the processes regarding SEO guidelines

A passion and knowledge for the gaming industry and a desire to grow
Ability to adapt and submit timely articles that are trending
Ability to source information/news from different websites
Great knowledge of AAA games and the overall gaming industry
Excellent English writing skills
Attention to detail to avoid grammatical errors and typos
Preferred Qualifications:

Relevant experience in writing and editing.
Experience writing in WordPress
Good communication skills
Ability to properly source from different websites
Ability to edit images
Experience with SEO standards
Google Analytics
Google Trends
Application Requirements:

Cover letter
Provide 2-3 examples of your previously published work
NOTE: Resume, Cover letter, and examples of work must be submitted before applicants will be considered. Please make sure to demonstrate your knowledge of the gaming industry in your cover letter.

Join us today and be a part of our growing team!

This is a work from home position ‘
‘Work Location: Fully RemoteWork Remotely Yes

Job Type: Full-time


Monday to Friday
Weekend availability
Work Location: Remote

Freelance: Foreign Language Content Contributor at Transparent Language

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Transparent Language is a leading provider of best-practice language-learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses. Since 1991, Transparent Language has helped millions of individuals learn new languages quickly, easily, and effectively. More than 12,000 schools and universities use our products.

While projects vary at any given time, we are always accepting resumes for talented professionals available for contract work in the following areas:

Content Creator

Creates original language-learning content based on guidelines provided by Transparent Language; proofreads language-learning content based on guidelines; designs leveled courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult learners.


Experience teaching the target language, preferably at the university level
Exceptional understanding of grammar structure of the target language (and English)
Ability to work remotely, using a variety of programs, such as Skype and Google docs
Ability to work with multiple contact people and language team members
Basic PC skills and proficiency with MS Office products
Willingness and aptitude for learning new software applications
Creativity and passion for language learning


Edits translations, in MS Office or software engines, for flow/presentation, accuracy, and consistency; fixes typos, punctuation, and grammar mistakes; offers solutions and clarifications on issues found.


1-2 years experience editing/proofreading language materials
Attention to detail
Basic PC skills with good working knowledge of MS Office
Native or near-native speaker of the target language
Translator/Localization Expert

Translates text for specific target markets, based on templates provided by Transparent Language; localizes software applications and web content.


1-2 years experience translating/localizing language materials
Attention to detail
Basic PC skills and proficiency with MS Office products
Knowledge of current software application terminology
Experience using translation memory systems
Native or near-native speaker of the target language
Voice-over Artist

Records target-language text in our sound studio or remotely, using Transparent Language’s recording software.


Native speaker of target language (no outside accent influence, please)
Must have a clear, pleasant voice
Ability to take direction well and be detailed-oriented
Ability to learn/train on new computer programs, such as recording software
Access to appropriate recording equipment (quality microphone/headset) to record remotely
Languages of Special Interest:

Tagalog Indonesian Ukrainian Polish



Arabic (Iraqi)

Arabic (Levantine)

Arabic (Modern Standard)

Arabic, Syrian





Cambodian (Khmer)


Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese, Wu





Haitian Creole



















Pashto (Afghanistan)

Pashto (Pakistan)








Sotho (Northern and Southern)

Spanish (Latin America)

















Freelance Social Media Coordinator at Fertility Bridge

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Join Our Team: Social Media Coordinator

Position Type: Independent contractor

Location: Remote

Rate: $25/hour

Estimated weekly hours: 5-20

“[Your name goes here] is so creative and forward-thinking!”

As the Social Media Coordinator working with Fertility Bridge, you get to use your hard earned skills to create and distribute clever and captivating content related to reproductive health.

But how do you know if this is your dream work and if Fertility Bridge is your dream client?

If you answer yes to these four questions:

Do you have experience handling content across various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin?

Do you know your way around a web page design platform such as Squarespace?

Do you have experience working with Podcasts or related content?

Do you work well under the pressure of multiple deadlines?

Your Mission

You have the ability and drive to showcase different media, including motion graphics, images, audio and video to communicate with large audiences. Should you choose to accept, in this role you would be able to help us here at Fertility Bridge enhance our digital and online presence.


• Podcasts and related content distributed, every week on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin

• Up to (10) different templates created to use for different types of Inside Reproductive Health social media posts

• A posting schedule for social media content managed regularly • Maximized engagement based on your research


• You have experience distributing content on social media sites such at Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin

• You have a solid understanding of how to use Mailchimp software or similar automation platform

• You have in-depth knowledge in operating web page design platforms such as Squarespace

• You are organized and self-motivated


• Podcast manager who schedules episodes and oversees editor
• Spanking new brand guide and templates for Inside Reproductive Health brand

• Mailchimp subscription with 1,500 subscribers Fertility Leaders mailing list

• Squarespace subscription with available tech support most hours from Squarespace

• Access to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts


• Fertility Leaders is our only used mailing list. We do not have it separated by Digest or podcast or by topic

• New brand not yet implemented, has to be implemented going forward, but old brand still prevails and you may be trying to update some items with new brand without a designer

• No full time editor, the owner is the editor

• No brand manager

• No social media manager

• No senior digital strategist or growth marketer

• No established SEO guidelines or webpage structure guidelines, you will have to figure those out and establish them!

• No web developer


•Must Get, Want, and have the Capacity to achieve the outcomes aligned with the role

• Must be a plus or a plus/minus on each of the five core values of Fertility Bridge

• Leader specifies and judges result of outcome

• Employee or contractor must be able to achieve outcome

• Employee or contractor must specify exactly what is required to achieve outcome

• Must be accountable in Asana
• Must create Fertility Bridge assets in Fertility Bridge drives using Fertility Bridge account

• Must be on brand according to Fertility Bridge and Inside Reproductive Health brand guides

How to Apply

If you feel you can contribute to a dynamic, growing company, please begin your application process by applying through Hireology. Please include a cover letter with a link to your portfolio of multimedia design content showcasing skills and experience. You will receive acknowledgement via email. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder – sometimes Hireology emails end up there.

You will receive instructions on next steps after your application materials have been reviewed. As a remote company, we rely on remote working technologies to serve our clients. In evaluating new employees, we put a premium on a candidate’s ability to shine through these same technologies: video, email correspondence, and web-based conferencing.

Contracting Process

Introduction Video

Screening Call: 20 minutes

Fit Interview: 20 minutes

Paid Assignment

Continued work based on your terms

Freelance Email Marketing Specialist at Fertility Bridge

Fertility Bridge logo


Join Our Team: Email Marketing Specialist

Position Type: Independent contractor

Location: Remote

Rate: $25-35/hour

Estimated weekly hours: 5-10

“Ever since [Your name goes here] started at Fertility Bridge, I can’t stop checking my phone for new emails from Inside Reproductive Health.”

As the Email Marketing Specialist working with Fertility Bridge, you will develop an email campaign that delivers valuable information to subscribers through emails they want to read. The campaign you develop will increase The Inside Reproductive Health email open rate and click through rate.

But how do you know if this is your dream work and if Fertility Bridge is your dream client?

If you answer yes to these three questions:

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of email marketing and best practices?

Do you enjoy data analytics pertaining to email marketing ?

Are you excited about the opportunity to contribute to Fertility Bridge?


Average Inside Reproductive Health email open rate increased by at least 10%

Average Inside Reproductive Health email click through rate increased by at least 5%

Email list segmented according to audience segments

New subscribers assessed and properly mappped according to audience segments

Emails sent using segments and audience interests

Options developed to subscribe or sub-subscribe

Newsletter scheduled for optimal delivery times every week

Podcast is released on Tuesdays

Digest is released on Thursday mornings

Any breaking news is released at time of breaking


An active list of 1,500 subscribers in Mailchimp

Formsite form

Access to our website via Squarespace

A spreadsheet exported with subscriber information

Some guidelines for classifying subscribers by their many fields


Mailing list is not segmented by digest, podcast or topic

No Hubspot experience beyond a free level account

No Zapier

No Hubspot Administrator

No Developer or Developer experience

No Digital Strategist

No current data input for different list segmentation

We use Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Formsite. The fields for data templates vary between platforms.

Hubspot does not push to Mailchimp

So there you have it, everything you need to know to decide your fate! If you are interested in this role and believe you have what it takes to achieve the required outcomes using the provided tools then we encourage you to apply.

What Comes Next

Our Hiring Process

You’re going to have a lot of autonomy and decision-making authority at Fertility Bridge. You are the queen or king of your seat and we follow your lead in your space. Because you have so much control, we really want to get to know you and we really want you to get to know us.

All interviews take place over Zoom, except the first, which is sometimes done over the phone. At the end of each interview, we give you the opportunity to ask us any questions. If we think we are going to offer you the position, we will ask you to make the introductions for certain references.

Most positions involve a paid assignment so that we both get the opportunity to see what it is like to work together.

How to Apply

If you feel you can contribute to a dynamic, growing company, please begin your application process by applying through Hireology. After you submit your cover letter, resume, and application on Hireology, you will receive acknowledgement via email. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder – sometimes Hireology emails end up there.

You will receive instructions on the next steps after your application materials have been reviewed. As a remote company, we rely on remote working technologies to serve our clients. In evaluating new employees, we put a premium on a candidate’s ability to shine through these same technologies: video, email correspondence, and web-based conferencing.

Contracting Process

Hireology application is submitted

Screening Call: 20-30 minutes

Fit Interview: 60-90 minutes

Paid Assignment

Continued work based on your terms

Freelance Photographer wanted at GoDaddy

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Freelance Photographer
Primary Location: United States – Remote
Location… Our national network of photographers includes everyone from seasonal freelancers looking to fill holes in their schedules to photographers who are newer in their careers and looking to bolster their portfolios.

GoDaddy is seeking talented photographers across the country to help us tell the stories of the local business owners we represent online. We take care of all the scheduling so that you can quickly and easily get behind the scenes with small businesses in your area.

What you’ll get to do… We’ll provide creative style guides, descriptive shot lists, and constructive feedback along the way, and we’ll make the scheduling process smooth for you.

Why shoot with GoDaddy?

1-2 hour shoots.
No editing necessary.
Flexible scheduling.
Quick, easy payment.
Support local businesses.
Experience should include…

A professional DSLR camera body, with 2 -3 lenses.
An online portfolio showcasing your photography.
Fast internet speed for efficient file delivery.
Ability to upload a large selection of RAW images within 48 hours of completed shoot.
Demonstrate a proficient and consistent understanding of photo techniques.
Accept and respond to feedback from our post-production team.
Have a passion for telling the stories of our local heroes.
About us… GoDaddy is empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world by providing all of the help and tools to succeed online. GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers, sell their products and services, and manage their work. Our mission is to give our customers the tools, insights and the people to transform their ideas and personal initiative into success. To learn more about the company, visit About Us (

GoDaddy does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression (including against any individual that is transitioning, has transitioned, or is perceived to be transitioning), marital status or civil partnership/union status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, childbirth, genetic information, military and veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal, state or local law. GoDaddy will consider qualified freelancers with criminal histories in a manner consistent with local and federal requirements.

Job ID R018078

Freelance writer needed – Composely

composely logo

Apply here

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Senior SEO Manager at Mira Fertility – global remote

global jobs

More Details

Senior SEO Manager

Leading edge technology in an industry that is improving the lives of millions. Here, innovation is not about another gadget; it is about making health care data available wherever and whenever people need it, safely and reliably. If you are looking for a better place to use your passion and your desire to drive change, this is the place to be. It’s an opportunity to do your life’s best work.

As the Sr. SEO Marketing Manager, Direct to Consumer (DTC) Marketing, you will define, implement, and optimize strategies and tactics focused on driving consumer awareness, acquisition and engagement via SEO and Content channels. Your key focus will be identifying opportunities for content and technical improvements, closing competitive gaps, building linkbuilding strategy, and expanding site content to drive long term performance.

A successful candidate will have strong experience in search engine ranking factors, algorithms and core SEO principles (healthcare niche is preferable). Will need to leverage analytics and external market trends to define technical and foundational strategies that achieve key business goals. The Senior Marketing Manager will be required to have effective influence management and collaborating skills, including collaborating across multiple teams, 3rd party partners, technical engineers, and various levels. In a past paced industry, the ability to manage competing priorities, multiple roadmaps, and problem solving skills is essential.

This role reports to the Head of Growth and will play a pivotal role in building Mira Organic Search authority, trust, and credibility.

You’ll enjoy the flexibility to work remote from anywhere and diverse team collaboration.

Primary Responsibilities:

Develop and execute successful SEO and content strategies
Monitor keyword rankings and own on-page SEO tactics
Determine and prioritize blog content schedule to ensure rapid production of new impactful content plus refreshing and optimization of existing (decaying) content
Prepare briefs for new articles, work with writers and e-commerce manager on content plan execution (we love Notion boards)
Audit for technical SEO issues and recommend fixes, working with a dev team on implementation
Direct off-page optimization projects (e.g., link-building and url structure), including HARO pitches, guest posts outreach, skyscraper technics
Own, build and manage channel roadmaps leading content development and web optimization projects ensuring implementation is timely and high quality
Measure and analyze channel performance and deliver actionable insights and recommendations to all levels (own organic blog revenue and leadgen OKRs)
Provide analysis and recommendations on CRO
Monthly SEO performance reports, monitoring and communicating KPIs, project statuses, and next steps.
You’ll be rewarded and recognized for your performance in an environment that will challenge you and give you clear direction on what it takes to succeed in your role as well as provide development for other roles you may be interested in.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree
5+ years of SEO experience with a focus on SEO content for consumer (health, wellness)
Proven track record of driving organic growth directly from your own efforts
Technical understanding of how to effectively optimize content for Search (i.e. indexability, meta tags, on-page performance, optimizing for rich/featured snippets, and more)
Familiar with heat-mapping and a/b testing landing pages
Established track record of driving growth through content with ability to map content to customer journey
Understanding of channel content best practices including editorial, organic, social, paid search, and email
Familiarity with relevant tools (e.g., Ahrefs, Semrush) and web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Search Console)
Excellent written and verbal communication skills that are concise, candid, and professional
Your usual day of awesomeness includes:

Developing and executing SEO strategies to drive organic growth, with a keen understanding of intent across the customer journey.
Performing SEO audits, providing performance improvement recommendations and working with internal teams to implement (Ex. page speed, site architecture, metadata, tagging etc.)
Backlink outreach
Optimizing and updating content on product pages, internal links, the blog, broken links to drive visitor engagement and organic sessions
Conducting keyword research in collaboration with content marketing team
Building regular SEO performance reports, monitoring and communicating KPIs, project statuses, and next steps.
Supporting ad hoc cross functional projects from an SEO perspective.

Sales Coordinator – Kasa – global remote

global jobs

More Details

The Role
We are looking for a Sales Coordinator to partner with and assist the sales team to achieve established revenue goals and service metrics. This critical role will manage the group turnover process from assigning incoming leads to the proper sales manager, following up on new active groups, managing all sales-related client & internal communication regarding reservations and billing,
In this remote role, you will report to the Director of Sales and work closely with Area Sales Managers, and Sales Managers while also acting as a liaison between Sales, Reservations, GX, Billing, and Operations.

About the Team
The Sales and Marketing team is dedicated to growing revenue at Kasa through all channels, as well as growing Kasa as a distinguished accommodations brand. Our mission is to build a distinctive brand that has direct relationships with guests. The sales team truly enjoys connecting with others and building revenue.

1+ years of relevant sales support experience
You can demonstrate the ability to understand customer requirements and translate that into sales solutions
You have strong research and data entry skills
You have customer service experience in a remote work environment
Ability to set priorities and work on several projects simultaneously while meeting established guidelines through strong organizational skills
Must be computer literate; have experience using Google Workspace tools and products and ability to learn new tools quickly
Database management experience
Ability to be assertive and persuasive without being aggressive
Professional upbeat telephone voice
Ability to engage management decision makers and influencers at any level
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Motivated by attainment of goals and metrics
Able to work independently, self-motivated

Plus if…
You’ve worked in the hospitality industry as a sales coordinator at some point in your career
You’ve worked for small and large enterprise companies
You have experience with Click-Up, Kustomer & Guesty

In one year, you will succeed at Kasa by having:
Consistently executed the active group turnover tasks and provided clear communication to clients and guests
Reduced the amount of time between group reservation request and completion
Ensured that Operational teams have group and account details to provide Hall of Fame Host experiences
Meaningfully influenced and supported our group reservations and billing processes
Become a respected leader and thought partner by the Brand & Revenue team and other departments you interact with

Day in the life of a Kasa Sales Coordinator
A day in the life of a Kasa Sales Coordinator focuses on 3 primary objectives: Driving Sales, Use of Tools & Processes, and acting as a Hall of Fame Host. You will help drive sales by managing incoming lead sources and assigning them to the proper sales manager, providing responses and proposals to potential clients as needed, collaborating and assisting managers of each department by preparing accurate, creative customer correspondence and contracts, and ensuring that each step of the active group journey from contracting to departure is seamless. You may be called upon to complete internet research to assist the sales managers in securing new business. As a key component of the sales process, you must be able to listen and read customers to identify needs and respond accordingly. You will be an integral part of improving and implementing, our sales processes through the use of our existing tools. You will maintain complete and accurate records of all customer interactions and correspondence in our sales system, accurately produce and/or review all group contracts and rate agreements, and identify ways to improve processes and enhance sales systems. At Kasa, we strive to act as Hall of Fame Hosts through genuine care and hospitality. You will develop strong customer relationships through professional, courteous, and ethical interpersonal interaction, develop and maintain positive relationships with customers and vendors, and ensure proper communication with other departments.

🌏 Remote Work: With flexibility as a core value, and over three-quarters of the team working remotely, Kasa employees are able to work from anywhere!
✈ Kasa Travel Credit: We love to travel! Kasa employees get an allowance of free stays with us in any of our locations, plus a 50% discount on any night for friends and family
📈 Generous Stock Option Plan: We believe the success of our business should be shared with our team. As you grow with us, we increase the opportunities for you to become part-owners of our company.
📱 Cell phone reimbursement: We reimburse a portion of your monthly cell phone bill to say thanks for using your personal phone during the workday.
📈 401(k) plan: As you invest in yourself and your future, Kasa invests in you too: we match 50% of the first 4% of deferred salary.
🙌 Paid Time Off: Full-time hourly Kasa employees accrue paid time off at a generous rate that increases with tenure.
💰 Competitive Salary: We offer base salaries at or above market rates plus additional earning opportunities based on the position
🩺 Health Coverage: We’ve invested in comprehensive health insurance options to help when you need it most

Who We Are
Kasa is building a global accommodations brand unlike any other. We took the best that hotels and short-term rentals had to offer and created a new class of hospitality that is well priced, trustworthy, and that offers a large selection of great locations. Our guests enjoy seamless check-ins, spacious apartments, and attractive amenities, helping them feel right at home. If anything comes up, our remote guest experience team is available 24/7, ensuring our hospitality is always felt, though rarely seen.

Behind the scenes, we build technology that combines with our innovative operations to grow a globally scalable offering that delivers high-quality stays. Our products and systems unlock unparalleled flexibility to operate anywhere from a few Kasa to a few hundred Kasas in any type of building, in just about any location. We currently have Kasas in over 17 states and are expanding into new markets all the time.

All of this is made possible by our team members, each of whom plays a critical role in fulfilling our vision and mission. We strive to foster a culture that values feedback, support, and collaboration throughout the organization. As a remote-first company, we work hard to bridge the gap of distance through initiatives that foster connection across Kasa. A few examples include lively All-Hands meetings, department get-togethers (online and in-person), and teamwide celebrations of important milestones. We offer benefits that encourage team members to stay at Kasa properties to experience our product firsthand and meet local team members when nearby. Guests are crucial to Kasa’s mission. Accordingly, every new Kasa team member gets trained in our Guest Experience Akademy during their onboarding.

Our team is fortunate to have diverse backgrounds, personalities, and experiences united by a commitment to excellence and passion for our industry. If Kasa’s vision and culture speak to you, and you’re up for the challenge of building a company on the cutting edge of real estate, we would love to have you on our team!

Kasa Living is an E-Verify participant. We will verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States by matching information employees provide on the form i-9 against records available to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).